The ALL NEW Central Connecticut Arms, LLC

“Founder’s Club” Memberships Now on Sale – Limited Quantity!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime…We’re bringing you the most inclusive, state of the art full service gun club in the region.

Expected Opening Summer 2022

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The Founder’s Club membership is a one-time payment of $8,000. This is an extremely reasonable fee, based on industry standards. Let’s face it, if you are reading this it is because you are an avid and passionate member of the shooting sports to begin with. And you are getting FAR MORE for your money than ANY other place in the region. Between the 100YD indoor rifle range to the axe throwing, archery and restaurant you will have an all-inclusive place to come to satisfy ALL your needs. Not to mention the in-store discounts, free firearm transfers and bragging rights! Let’s break down your savings to see just how fast you will recuperate you investment:

Average membership cost per year at a “premiere” gun range – $900.00 / 25% savings on all purchases, so if you buy an average of 6 guns per year at an average price of $700 you save $600 per year / If you shoot twice per month your range fees are about 75.00 per month, that’s another $900 per year savings / If you buy firearms online 5 times per year there are no FFL fees, that saves you another $250.

So you can see how in just one year you can have a $2,650 savings!

There will be a 100 person limit and once these are sold, they are gone. Some of the exclusive benefits

  • FREE use of 100 Yard indoor rifle range (up to 50 BMG)
  • FREE machine gun rentals
  • FREE firearm transfers
  • FREE guests (up to 2)
  • Private parking and entrance.
  • 14 Day advanced online range booking
  • Dedicated lanes with no wait
  • Private lounge and locker
  • Private Cigar Lounge
  • 25% off all in store purchases and training. (up to $100 maximum per item)
  • Your name on a paver on “Founder’s Way” – the walkway into private entrance.