FFL Transfers IN / OUT


How do I have a firearm transferred from out of state when I purchase a firearm online?

We would be more than happy to assist you with any firearms transfers. Our charge for FFL transfers for incoming and outgoing firearms is $50.00.

We also are a class III dealer and can handle your class III transfers. The fee for these are $100.00

After you make your purchase, that business or individual will need to know which FFL the firearm will be transferred to. Let them know it will be transferred to Central Connecticut Arms, LLC, 130 Marlborough Street, Portland, CT 06480. The shipping FFL will need a copy of our FFL and can receive one by emailing us at ffl@centralctarms.com. It should indicate what the item being shipped is and who the buyer is and a copy of their FFL.

  • For firearms, a copy of the sender’s FFL must be included with the firearm being shipped. They must also include the full name and contact information of the individual it is intended for.
  • If the sender is an individual without an FFL (private sale like Gunbroker etc.) they must include a copy of their Driver License with the shipment. If there is no FFL or no Driver License, we will not transfer your firearm until we have it.
  • Make sure you get tracking information from the sender and also provide us with the same. This way we know to expect it and you will know when it is received by us. We may not contact you and this will be the way you know your item is received by us.
  • After you receive notification your item has been delivered to us, contact us to arrange the transfer.

How do I transfer a firearms I sold out of state or want to ship to someone out of state?

  • On outgoing firearms, in addition to the transfer fee, you will be responsible for all shipping costs and / or fees charged by the receiving state.
  • The receiving dealer will need to provide us a copy of their FFL and can email it to ffl@centralctarms.com. Please have them indicate the transfer is for you and include your name as the recipient.
  • The receiving dealer will arrange the transfer to your buyer / recipient.
  • We will need the name and phone number of the person receiving the firearm to include with the paperwork for the receiving dealer.

Please ensure ANY item(s) you are receiving is/are legal in the state of Connecticut as we will not transfer any item(s) which do not meet Connecticut guidelines and YOU  will be responsible for ANY charges to return the item. Items that are not picked up withing 30 days of notification that they are ready will be considered abandoned and will become property of Central Connecticut Arms, LLC.

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