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I have been a repeat customer since shortly after Central CT Arms opened. They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff, as well as a good selection of a variety of different firearms and accessories to suit any need or budget. Their pricing is competitive, and they also have a comprehensive selection of firearms training courses available. I would recommend Central CT Arms to anyone looking to make their next purchase.
Tony D

Rob and his crew remember your face when you walk through the door and also do not pressure you to make a purchase unlike many others in the industry (who shall remain nameless.) Not to mention they take time to explain the firearm from functionality to disassembly, will it fit in your hands, and take the time to choose a firearm for its purpose(target, personal protection, competition.) Rob and his crew are spot on with Social Media (when he is not suspended on Facebook) making sure every customer who follows him is aware of what’s new to his store whether used or new products. Since Rob opened his store he is my soul seller of firearms, and since I referred many of my co-workers to him they feel the same way
Chris E

When I first got my permit and I was in the market to buy my first gun I happened across Central Ct Arms and saw it was veteran owned so decided to give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised as the staff was extremely patient and helpful with a newbie. Always made me feel right at home and I felt very comfortable asking any questions. I will always go back with any of my firearm needs.
Gary L

I don’t think I’ve ever entered Central Connecticut Arms without hearing “Hey! How are ya? C’mon in and look around. Let us know if you need any help” yelled from across the room. This might be the friendliest little gun shop you’ve ever entered. The hospitality shown to the patrons is genuine and stems from an attitude of respect. You’re not just a number and you’re not treated like you’re there to be fleeced.
The owner, Rob, is a big guy with a big smile. Always ready with a funny quip or joke, and a good ol’-fashioned hearty handshake to welcome you. On the odd occasion Rob wasn’t there when I visited (rare), his staff was equally as welcoming and helpful. The showroom is chock full of inventory and Rob’s go-getter attitude has enabled him to offer more and more products and services. No status quo here. Rob’s respect for veterans, service men and women, and municipal workers is readily apparent, and inspirational. I’ve had the opportunity to purchase several long guns from Central Connecticut Arms, and Rob’s training classes have enabled me to obtain my multi-state permits. Don’t hesitate to stop in at Central Connecticut Arms!
Steve L

I have purchased multiple handguns, parts and gear from Central CT Arms and have nothing but positive experiences to share. As a new shooter I was looking for a shop with knowledgeable staff who could give professional opinions about handgun selection, and had training opportunities available to customers. Central has both. I have purchased handguns, had optics installed, adjustments made to my firearms, and actively train with one of their firearms instructors. The shop has a large selection of firearms, parts, ammo and gear available to their customers. Central really is a one-stop-shop!
Morgan Keegan

I have purchased several firearms from Rob and staff they are always friendly and knowledgeable with everything I ask they are my go to gun shop and I recommend them to anybody looking to buy a gun
M Strickland

I have visited your store frequently and your sales team have been very patient answering my questions, showing me firearms, and not pressuring me into buying anything until I am ready. I have visited other stores where they are not as attentive or informative and you feel more like a number than a customer. I will purchase my next firearm through your shop because of your team’s professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge

Chris L

I first heard of this establishment through a coworker. Soon I read of it in local newspapers. Being that it is veteran owned and operated, I made the decision to make it my first go to shop for my firearm needs. I was overly pleased with the demeanor of not only the owner but all if his employees as well as being quite pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. With an outstanding selection of handguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories I am glad to give my business and will continue to do so as long as the doors remain open.
Daniel M


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